An Invistigation About The Fuzzy Logic Aplications In Construction Management

Latif Onur UĞUR, Umut Naci BAYKAN
2.322 1.253


In this study some fuzzy logic aplications in Construction Management (CM) discipline has been investigated. By this way tried to have an idea about the usifulness and practicability of fuzzy logic in the area of CM. For the aim of investigation of the fuzzy logic aplications’ provides in CM discipline; there have been made a literature invistigation on different sub-branches of CM. Because of CM is a very large area, this invistigations’ scope is determined on the some top quality journals’ papers in the Science Situation Index (SCI). Chosen researchs’ results from this investigations given in the text. It’s confirmed that the applications in this area before, scattered in four main categories, including: decision making, performance, evaluation/assessment; and modeling. Olso optimisation is another aim for using fuzzy logic.